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Not just Grannies anymore

We just have to face the fact that the fabric and the sewing  and textile  industry is vast and it is not just grannies out there any more.  If you are looking for a certain designer or design, or manufacturer, tools of the trade or fabric, it is a jungle out there.  If you are searching for a fat quarter you might come up with a lot of fat things. Fat Quarter Fabric in my opinion is the best for quilting, crafts , and sewing projects.   The simple reason is that you have a small amount of waste with  fat quarters . Then to top it off there is also the Fat Quarter bundles.  Of course many of you already know the benefits, as well as the addictive qualities of fat quarters.  Some of you may just be learning and we’re definitely here to help.  If you’re looking to round out your stash, we have a numerous supply of Fat Quarters and fabric. We can locate your fat quarters and fabric by the yard or bolt.

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Take a chance on fashion

I can take this a little further for you.  You do know that the textile industry would not exist if we didn’t have fabric.  We will talk more about this down the road a little.  Fashion and Fabric go hand in hand. Whether old or new designs fabric completes the design. The combinations of Fashion and Fabric are numerous.   We are providing this page to make your journey toward your next project a lot easier and faster.

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