Q’nique 14 +

 Featuring the Q’nique 14+, long arm quilting machines sale

     The Grace Company excels in the quality of everything they manufacture including their notions to their long arm sewing machines. I can assure you it is top quality at a fair price. They stand behind their work on everything they sell. 

We have been in business with them for over 3 years. They always provide us with great service and great products. Over the years we have never had a problem with any of their products. They are prompt in answering questions and listening to our concerns. The Grace Company is always looking toward the future.

They listen intently to their Dealers and customers and have now successfully created the most efficient and high quality machines. All of  the high-end longarm features that quilters were looking for were carefully crafted into a truly affordable quilting machine.

Quilters Creative Touch 4 Software

The programmers are quick to get back to us and resolve any questions about the Quilters Creative Touch software. If you have been a quilting enthusiast for some time and are tired of the tedious work it takes to quilt in free motion, then you should look into this program. We have been using it for over 3 years and have been quite satisfied. It takes less time to quilt and has fantastic designs that customize your quilt.  You can not only create your own patterns but can also purchase new patterns to be downloaded  to your program and you are ready to sew. You can find many patterns on the internet for purchase also many that are free.

Experience the simple yet incredibly complete all inclusive software and quilter friendly.  You are capable of digitizing, sizing and creating your blocks, pantographs, borders and full quilt layouts. QCT4 has a library of over 200 quilt ready patterns. It is awesome to watch your personally created patterns come to life on your quilt.  QCT4  brings together all the aspects of the quilting process, seamlessly taking your pattern from idea to reality. Digitize and design patterns with this simplified technique including tracing, mirrors and optimization.

Recommended Frame for the Q’nique 14


Without the best software you will never sew a pattern unless you have the best hardware to drive your machine. The term Motion implies movement the hardware converts movement to sewing.  The hardware moves your longarm machine to transfer the quilt pattern you created on to your quilt.


Specifications for the Q’nique 14+

  • One of the most appealing features of the Qnique 14+ Quilter is the built-in stitch regulation that keeps your stitch length consistent. As you move faster or slower while quilting, the regulator speeds up or slows down the stitching speed to match so that all of your stitches are the right length. The Qnique 14+ also has a high-powered motor that sews 1800 stitches per minute. As a result of these features, every quilt sewn on the Qnique 14+ Quilter looks attractive and professional.


  • The Qnique 14+ Quilter also has four different sewing modes. In “cruise” mode, you set the SPI as well as a minimum stitch speed. Regulation adjusts to keep stitches consistent, but whenever you stop or slow your movements, the machine will continue to stitch at the minimum set speed. This helps a quilter to have total control over the progress being made on a quilt.


  • Many quilters appreciate being able to adjust sewing speed. They may want to work quickly on one area of a quilt and slow down to focus a little more closely on another part of the quilt. The manual mode is a must-have feature for a quilter who loves working with intricate shapes and patterns.


  • Finally, the Qnique 14+ Quilter is the best sewing machine for quilters because it offers convenient features that allow users to be as creative as they want to be on each project. This is a modern sewing machine that makes the traditional practice of quilting all the more enjoyable.

Technical Specs

Physical Dimensions
Length : 23 Inches
Height : 18 Inches
Width : 15.5 Inches
Tower Height : 11.25 Inches
Weight : 42 Pounds





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2 thoughts on “Q’nique 14 +

  1. Wow I didn’t know such machines existed! I imagine if are a quilter this machine would be fantastic. How long on average does it take to make a quilt? I can’t believe there is software for this too! It must really open up the possibilities for more creativity and more interesting designs. On average, how much time would you say the software can save you?

    1. Thanks Liz, when we first discovered a program that could do the sewing we too were impressed. Quilt sizes vary and so does the time. A free motion quilt takes a lot more time than a programmed long arm quilter. It takes a lot of patience to quilt free hand. From talking to people around us that quilt free motion it can take a few days to quilt a Queen size with some sort of pattern. We have quilted Queen size with our program in as little as 6 hours. Set up is crucial so it all works smoothly but a lot of the set up has to happen with our without a software doing the sewing. There is a learning curve but the product is outstanding.

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