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Check Out this beautiful fabric at  our Favorite Fat Quarter Shop.

You will have a beautiful Creation when you finish.  Good enough for the Fashion Fabrics Club

Yet another fabulous design from Cotton and Steel

100% Cotton

Fat Quarter Stack 18 Peace $74.00

Penney Arcade a product of Cotton + Steel, by Kim Knight + RJR

Penney Arcade has been around for a while, probably about 2 years old.  I really love the colors and different designs.  Looks like the little fox guy is having a difficult time holding up all these fat quarters.  I don’t believe this product is too available in its original content like this one.  Lucky me I have one left.  It will be gone soon.  If you are intending on making something beautiful don’t wait. If you are interested in the Penny Arcade stack.  You can purchase this at

Take your sewing to another level!

Today is the day to talk about Fat Quarter Fabric.  There are many different projects that can be fulfilled with the incredible Fat Quarter.  Fat quarters are taken from one yard of fabric, cut into half lengthwise, and then in half width-wise. The dimensions are approximately 18″ x 22″ (46cm x 56cm).  Have you ever noticed that in your stash, you now have several pieces that are not capable of creating a large project.  Yet if you cut them into 18 X 22 pieces, put it all together and you could have a patchwork quilt, dress, place mats, stuffed toys, now this is versatility! I consider every fabric is fat quarter friendly.

Quilters value fat quarters because of the 18″ x 22″ size. In contrast, a normal fat quarter yard of fabric measures 9″ x 44″.  Quilters use fat quarters to get the most economical quilt.  A quilt most likely will have 3-5 different designs and colors. Colors will be both light and dark to show contrast.  The waste of fabric will be less for cutting shapes and sizes most likely used in quilting. If you have looked at as many quilts as I have you will know that there has been involvement between the fat quarter and the quilt.  Quilters are frugal. They will save every peace of fabric that they can.   When you begin a project the first thing you do is check your stash.  If you are wanting strips and squares more than likely you probably can find enough fabric to begin your project.  Then and only then you will head out for the perfect fat quarters to complete your design. Fat quarters can be cut out of one yard of fabric. The good thing is it is  much quicker if you do not have to cut all of those squares, strips, and triangles your self.  However, there is a down side and that would be cost.  If you buy the precuts it is going to cost more.  Discover precuts available on the market including, fat quarters, jelly rolls, charm packs, Layer Cakes, hexies mini hexies and more.


Some items that you can create with one fat quarter:



You know, just because you read it in a magazine, or watched it on you tube doesn’t mean you can’t come up with your own creative ways to put your quilt together.  Accept the challenge and let your creative juices flow. Have you tried metal, wood, old textiles, plastic, hardware? Yes these items have been used at least by one well known lady in the world of quilts. Be your own fat quarter fashion quilt lady/or guy. Be certain you stay in touch with fashion and you on line shopping .

It is fun to win a ribbon at a quilt show.  Even if you don’t win a ribbon, it will make you smile to see it hanging up so all can see it.  Go ahead and take the road less traveled, you too can win awards!  If you have ever been to a quilt festival or quilt show, you will observe many beautiful quilts made out some of the most outstanding fabrics that you will ever see.  It is truly booth after booth of  fashion shows.


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