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Have you ever been to New York City

I mean in the center of Manhattan? I have been there several times on business.  New York is a huge and diverse state. I had a great time in New York. It is an amazing place with lots of good food and plays. but also it’s big and loud.



Any Quilters or textile lovers out there?  You may be planning a trip to New York City. You should give it a try at least once.  Did you know that the garment district  NYC  is other wise known as a “shopping Mecca” ? Now I know that Quilters, Crafters, and anyone who sews, have a love for fabric that few understand.  Yes we are all addicted.  We must always fondle the fabric before we purchase.  High Fashion Fabrics  that are  found In the Garment District you could definitely wear for the next meeting  of the Fashion Fabrics Club. These fabrics are very uncommon and are not even comparable to those you find at home, such as cut-rate decorative fabrics, and  high end silk fabrics. If you want embellishments you will be so excited because there are many.   You will find some bargains in Mecca, however the not so common fabrics carry a pretty hefty price.


Vicuna the source of the most expensive wool in the world.

The fabric that is created with Vicuna wool is not only the most expensive but also comes with an incredible history  of  the Vicuna that produce this most sought after product.

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Wool from the vicuna is the most expensive wool in the world because the sheep can only be shorn every two years. The fabric can be used for apparel and home decor. The vicuna wool ranges from $1,800 to $3,000 per yard, so a scarf will cost around $4,000 and a coat would be $20,000!  The vicuna were at the brink of extinction because the people were killing them to get their wool.  They are now protected and rounded up every 2 years to be shorn. Be certain to run out and get yourself a pair of the socks and a beautiful scarf for your wife .  Better hurry they may disappear quickly.  It is unbelievable right? Our common fabrics do not seem so expensive anymore.



A Few Examples Of High Fashion Wool and Silk Of NYC

Synthetic Prints  82.95 per yard

Twill is a printed Polyester Blend


  150 per yard


An elegant lame is a silk blend with a pretty rose floral print, a subtle leaf and flower design with gold metallic thread.


  100 per yard

The process of  boiling wool creates a dense fabric similar to felt.  After the wool is woven it goes to hot water agitation causing the scaly wool fibers to meld and shrink up to half its original size. Rinse and Repeat until it no longer shrinks.

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6 thoughts on “New York Fabrics

  1. Hello

    How are you doing today, very nice article on New York fabrics, I use to work in the textile field a long time ago.

    The fabric photographs on your website are extremely nice, is there a better time to go to New York to find the best fabrics?

    What fabrics in New York are the best to check out if I ever get there to shop?

    1. Thank you Jeffery for this comment. The garment district in New York will be the place to hang out. As far as 100% cotton quality up to date fabric you will find at quilt shops and fabric stores. They supply fabric for retail to general public. Fabric is pre-ordered usually 6 mo. in advance. Spring fabric arrives at retailers March and April. Summer arrives in June and July. Fall/Winter arrives in August to October. Fabric shops are always ordering or reordering fabrics. The main orders are placed at textile shows.

      The top five fabric shops as we know it today from CBS New York.

      B & J Fabrics

      Mood Fabrics

      Zarin Fabrics

      Trim Fabrics

      Fabrics and Fabrics

  2. I am already traveling to new york and this would be a great place for me to stop and check out, ill be sure to hit up the Mecca Market!

    I find it to be very interesting that Wool’s from sheep can be priced on such a high value, like that $20000 dollar jacket you mentioned, just insane!

    Have a good day!

  3. I love the visual element of this site, and you are showing real authority on the subject matter by offering examples of how different material and their quality can affect a project.

    The video is highly entertaining I loved it!
    You have a site with all of the perfect elements. Great job!

    1. Thank you for your comment. We spent a lot of time and research on this subject. We have been dealing with fabric for years now but never ventured from cotton. Who would have thought there was a softer wool than cashmere.

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