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These incredible suits should be in a Fashion Fabrics Club.  Given the  fact that Guus, Jelle, and Jasper have chosen such an unusual niche product you would have thought that success would not be theirs. Yet in 4 years they  have

customers in 50 countries and have also created 60 designs.  The suits that they create as they say, “are just different.”  I would say that their suits are exaggerated designs and fabrics and not for the faint of heart.”  Needless to say their suits are certainly for people who appreciate a little out of the ordinary style. They were definitely thinking way out of the box when they created OPPO SUITS.  Actually  they were probably also many miles up the road less traveled.  I don’t think I have ever seen this box that we talk about. I also actually love the less traveled roads. Maybe that is why I really like this company.  I am very excited about what these guys have done with the unusual choice of Suits to market.  What an incredible combination of Fashion and Fabric.  Yes their is a market for these incredibly designed suits available for gals and guys.  You will find this brand to be quite entertaining with a great fit, and made with highest quality fabrics.

When you are shopping and looking for something extraordinary and fun, then veer off the path and head for OPPO SUITS. Try one on for size.




Click on the photo’s.Christmas Suits

Jump on the take a chance train. You will be the guy or gal they will all be talking about!

Follow your dreams.

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