Outdoor Fabrics Can Make a Difference

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Summer is on the way, can’t  wait to get out to our green house. It is 88 degrees today in Spicewood Texas and beautiful.  My mind has already flipped to Good Grief it is time to plant! Time to start those Tomatoes and every thing else for that matter. You know of course that Fabric and Fat Quarter fabric are used in projects both inside and outside.  For instance,  our first project will be finding the best shade cloth to place on the east end of our green house. Last year the tomatoes literally cooked in the planting bench on that end. I have also been looking for a smaller greenhouse where I can do my seed planting. I found it. A perfect place for growing tomatoes greenhouse. Or in my case seed planting. I love the outdoors, and that is usually where you can find me.


Click on the Greenhouse to find out more.

• Steel framework
• Rust resistant
• Double zippered front and back doors
• 2 screened vents (can also be closed)
• Reinforced mesh Polyethylene cover to retain and diffuse heat and moisture
• All necessary hardware included
• Easy to follow instructions for set up
• Dimensions: 10’L(3m) x 10’W(3m) x 6.56’H(2m) Peak
• Frame Finish: Galvanized steel
• Pole Diameter: 19mm
• Cover Material: 140 gram transparent Polyethylene with reinforced mesh
• Color: Clear with green mesh
• Weight: 58 pounds
• Packing: 1 carton

Another project I have just completed is finding an Outdoor pit group that will seat 8 people. This one is stunning red cushions for outdoor furniture. Notice how gorgeous the fabric is in this group. Cushions are comfortable, easy to maintain, and water resistant.

Vibrant Color Selections

Choose from Beige, Charcoal, Coral Red, Lime Green and Sea Blue.

Dual Sided Cushions

Cushions can be use on either side. Built-in zippers for easy removal and cleaning.

Click on this image to learn more.

  • Each strand of wicker is meticulously handwoven and handcrafted, in designer monochromatic Ash Gray color
  • 3-year warranty on framework. Constructed from a durable lightweight aluminum frame, easily reconfigurable to various layouts, No assembly required
  • 7 Piece Set – Comprise of 2 corner chair, 4 middle chair, and 1 coffee table
  • Fully assembled and ready to enjoy!

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8 thoughts on “Outdoor Fabrics Can Make a Difference

  1. I love the portable greenhouse you can buy ready made from Amazon. This is every gardener’s dream.

    The only thing that puts me off the wicker chairs is the cleaning, although it is great to have outdoor furniture that you can enjoy in summer. The material that the cushions are made of is ideal for outdoor.

    Do you have any easy ways of cleaning the dust out of all those nooks and crevices on the wood?

    1. Cleaning ideas for Wicker, hope this helpsHow to Clean Wicker Furniture, Wicker Care – Bob Vila
      Found these instructions on Mrs CleanDust it. You can use a small brush or use a vacuum cleaner to do this. You should do this anytime it’s necessary.Clean spills quickly. Because wicker will absorb, you need to clean up anything that is spilled onto it quickly. Make sure that you wipe it with a sponge and use soapy water.Keep it out of the rain and direct sunlight. These elements can do great damage to the quality of the piece.Clean it properly. To do this, mix a basic solution of water and a couple of drops of detergent. Use a damp sponge to apply the solution to the furniture. Just do a small area at a time. Use your brush or paint brush to get into the fine cracks.Keep wood parts dry. Not doing so will cause them to become damaged quickly.Mildew. If you find that your wicker has mildew, use a solution of 50/50 bleach water and rinse completely after 5 minutes.Keep it dry. Wicker needs to be completely dried if it gets wet. Place it in the sun for a couple of days. Use a blow dryer on it. Keep water off of it as much as possible.Varnishing. You can use a varnish, shellac or lacquer on your wicker. This will spruce it up well. If your wicker has been painted, you can add a new coat if you like. Make sure to only apply a thin coat of liquid furniture wax so it will look good and have a nice glossy finish.Thank you for your comments

  2. Summer time? I live in Saudi Arabia, where it is hot throughout most of the year. I would love to have a greenhouse, but with temperatures reaching up to 50 degrees centigrade. Do you think it would be possible to have a greenhouse in such an area with extreme temperatures? I hope it’s possible, as I’m still dreaming to the day when I’ll be able to do my own seed planting.

    1. From our research we have found growing your food in Saudi Arabia has been practiced for several years. Our answer is yes you can also grow your own vegetables. The main thing you must think about is having a White or reflective shade cloth. You should place on the top and Western side of the green house. Also cooling and ventilation is very important. Open the sides and roof panels for increased air circulation. Fans are helpful for circulation. Ultimately you should install a evaporative cooler, this uses a simple water pump and fan to circulate the moist air. Good Luck…Let us know how you are doing. Happy to help if we can. Have provided links for you. I have traveled in your areas and boy can it get hot. Thanks for your questions.



  3. These walk-in greenhouse canopy covers from Delta sound just the business for growing the likes of tomatoes, what a great idea. They’re like a polytunnel.

    Had a look on Amazon and they do receive excellent reviews.
    Have you secured yours to the ground with storm straps and ground pegs for stability against adverse weather?
    They sound easy to assemble too and great value considering the dimensions.
    Thanks for bringing this to may attention.

    You have 88 degrees already, wow. I’m from the UK and we’re lucky if we get a couple of days mid summer with that heat.
    Enjoy your garden,

    1. Thanks Simon, our large greenhouse is 24X52 and 12 ft, tall. It is built on steel posts at every 5 feet. We need a smaller one where we can simply start our seeds. We build our own raised wicking beds. Thank you for the great comment.

  4. Summer time!

    Or not yet, but it is coming. Thus, it is timely to find an outdoor fabric that would help showcase the ambiance that you would want to have.

    This article is of such a great help because it has provided some materials for it with the helpful pros and cons included. One would definitely be able to determine whether to use it or not based on the information that has been provided in this article.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks Chanan for this comment. It intrigues us on all of the applications of Fabric and how durable they are for outdoor use.

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