The Search For The Best Ever Embroidery Machine


Wow, when I first started our search for a new machine  I thought what have I gotten myself into?  Does anyone even know how many sewing machines are out there?   I sure don’t. My husband and I took a deep breath, threw back are shoulders, sucking in our stomachs grabbed our family and off we went. First machine we looked at was a Pfaff Sewing Machine, my response was what is a Pfaff?  Anyway, it is German made and has the tenacity of a work horse.  It is a great machine but not for our needs.   We then Journeyed over to the Juki.  Juki is another tough machine for sewing.  However, not much about embroidery,  which is a major requirement.  Ok..we decided to check out the big players. So we jumped in Betsy and rolled over to the Baby Lock Store (I might add with great anxiety as we were still in sticker shock from previous stores).  We looked at the new Baby Lock Destiny II.  What a beautiful machine it had everything that we wanted.  All the bells and whistles. Baby Lock embroidery machines have always been a top quality.  The Brother embroidery machines have really taken the lead in many areas. The Brother embroidery machine has all you need for starting a home embroidery business.  You all know how we love cute embroidery.  The Dream Machine is loaded with cute embroidery. The Brothers embroidery machines include Disney.

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We then continued to the Brother store, and believe me Old Betsy and I were really tired.  It was worth the trip as we found another terrific machine, again with everything we wanted.  Funny thing is it looked just like the Baby Lock Destiny II. I approached the Dealer and ask can you please tell us is there any difference between the Destiny and the Brother Dream Machine.  Her answer was NO.  They may change a color or a button, but they are the same machine.  I also ask her, how can two  dealers have the same machine. Bet you didn’t know this, the Destiny and the Dream Machine are both made by Brother.  What?????  By this time I could here my glass of red wine calling my name with a taunting tone, come home and taste my bouquet.  We jumped back in Betsy and headed home with the attitude that we would decide the next day.

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It is now the next day. The wine was great, and the much needed sleep felt great.  Suddenly, I remembered that there was not a decision made on the Embroidery machine.  My head was still spinning a little from the fact that Brother also makes Baby Lock.  Boy, So what does this mean, yes I was talking to myself.  I was in a dilemma so I consulted with my Dear Friends. Wait this could actually be the decision maker.  You see…The Baby Lock Destiny Priced at $15,699.00.  Now remember it is a beautiful machine.  However, remember that the Brother Dream Machine and the Baby Lock Destiny are both made by Brother. The Brother Dealer confirmed that they are the same machine.  So it all comes down to the cost.  The Dream Machine is priced at $8,879.00 Big difference wouldn’t you say?  I guess you know by this time what our decision was.  Yes, you got it , the winner was the Brother Dream Machine. In our opinion the Best Ever Embroidery Machine. Purchase your Brother Dream Machine by clicking on anyone of the photos.

When I first turned on the Dream Machines 10 inch LCD touch Screen there was a pretty opening picture and a delightful tune played.  When the song stopped I touched the screen and the machine went into action. Options appeared, sewing, embroidery, Disney……Come on how did this happen…really Disney was in My Design Center.

You have heard about Betsy a few times in this post.  Betsy is my 2000 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Addition. Still running smoothly and has kept her beautiful red coat.  Love my Betsy.The first thing it did was to switch to the main ‘home’ screen, giving me three options… sewing, embroidery, Disney or My Design Center. The option at the lowest position on the touch screen, My Design Center, are you kidding I would have my own Design Center to file away favorite designs.Why Yes I would.   It was absolutely fascinating. There are numerous stitch selections.After several minutes of scrolling through each of the different sewing, embroidery and Disney stitch options, getting back to the main menu was as easy as touching the ‘home’ icon on the upper right hand corner of the screen. The other icons at the top of the screen from left to right are the camera, stitch menu, help, presser foot/needle exchange and machine lock.

We will provide a list of attributes at the end of our post.

Just thought I would tell you about Betsy.  Betsy is my 2000 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Addition. Still running smoothly.  Love my Betsy

  • draw directly onto the LCD touch screen
  • Line-art scan and embroidery
  • Drawing or .jpg scan and embroidery
  • Scan and stipple
  • 30 stamp frames
  • Combine creations with pre-digitized and build-in designs and fonts
  • Auto line completion
  • Stitch setting attributes
  • Zoom up to 400%
  • ScanImation™ Scanning Fram

Embroidery Features :

  •  773 on board embroidery designs
  • 166 Disney/Pixar embroidery designs
  • 15 home furnishings designs
  • 5 pet designs
  • 20 Japanese designs
  • 18 quilt designs
  • 18 built-in technique designs
  • 30 Swiss designs from Zundt
  • 8 cool designs
  • 140 frame pattern combinations
  • 22 embroidery fonts with full complement of symbols, including 2 small fonts
  • Built-in Greek alphabet
  • 9.5” x 14” Embroidery area
  • Built-in extra-large designs for the jumbo 9.5” x 14” embroidery frame
  • Embroider up to 1,050 stitches per minute
  • Go forward or backward up to 1,000 stitches
  • 175 sewing stitch designs available in embroidery mode
  • Color Shuffling® 2
  • Droplight™ LED Embroidery Positioning Marker
  • Ultrasonic sensor sets embroidery position and angle
  • Camera scanning in two different speed modes
  • AccuTrac™ embroidery system
  • InnovEye® 2 Technology and Snowman® Embroidery Positioning Marker
  • InnovaChrome™ LED Thread Color System
  • Print and Stitch™ Technology for 3D Art
  • Embroidery background color adjusting feature
  • Monochrome embroidery for single color embellishment
  • Jump stitch thread trimming
  • Thread wiper
  • Resume function
  • Thread sensors for upper and lower threads
  • Embroidery frame display
  • Embroidery basting function
  • Embroidery thread palettes
  • Built-in alignment function for designs and borders
  • Trial position
  • Design duplication mode with embroidery editing
  • Readable PHC files
  • Built-in Appliqué Creator
  • Embroidery drag and drop

Sewing Features :

  • 149 utility stitches
  • 577 decorative stitches, including vintage, heirloom and wide designs
  • 5 sewing fonts: 3 alphabet and 1 Cyrillic and 1 Japanese font
  • Sew up to 1,050 stitches per minute
  • Sew decorative stitches up to 710 stitches per minute
  • Sew Straight™ 2 brighter laser and wider side range
  • MuVit™ Digital Dual Feed System
  • Multi-function foot controller for hands-free control of select sewing functions
  • Enhanced My Custom Stitch™ feature
  • Automatic Height Adjuster™ (AHA®) … automatic presser foot pressure
  • InnovEye® 2 Technology pattern collection and edge stitching
  • Virtual Stitch PreviewTM
  • Lightning-quick pivoting functionality, with customizable foot height
  • Paper punching – sew with no thread
  • Square feed dog system
  • Adjustable 3 position knee lift
  • Needle plate detector for
  • Free motion mode automatically adjusts the foot height
  • Automatic feed dog switching
  • Back to beginning key
  • Improved sewing with longer feed dogs


LCD Display Features :

  • Large 10.1’’ built-in HD LCD display – 23% larger than screens on previous Brother models
  • More than 16 million possible colors with no color shifting on LCD
  • MPEG4 replay function
  • Embroidery design and sewing stitch selection scroll bar
  • Adjustable display color for easy editing
  • Built-in screensavers with viewing ad
    justment options
  • Personalized screensaver
  • More than 40 built-in instructional videos

Software Features :

  •  3 USB ports
  • High-speed 2.0 port for design transfer
  • Customizable USB mouse pointer functions for an optional mouse
  • Optional external USB embroidery card reader
  • Easy-to-navigate home screen
  • 5 Sound levels
  • Larger internal memory capacity
  • 13 on board languages
  • High power CPU
  • Presser foot and needle changing key for safe operations
  • Screen lock
  • Time and date key
  • Eco mode

Asking for comments on this review.  Please leave comments below.  It will be appreciated.

5 thoughts on “The Search For The Best Ever Embroidery Machine

  1. I think your site is great. I know this isn’t much help but it looks great and is very informative and entertaining. I like the layout and theme and there is a good balance between media and print. I am a stickler about grammar and spelling and didn’t find any problems there either. I hope this helps a little.

  2. Wow. Such great info and saving so much money. I didn’t know that about brother either. I have a daughter who is 13 and she sews. She has actually been wanting to learn embroidery but equipment is so expensive. However, when I do start her in it , thanks to you, I can. Save several thousand. So thanks for such a great post.

    1. When your daughter has the desire to create beautiful designs come back to our site. We will still be here.

  3. We had no idea that a sewing machine even existed and the price is just as astonishing, with all the features it comes with this would be great for a small business. We noticed the 3 USB ports under the software list, my guess is we can purchase more designs and they will be downloaded to the machine?

    1. You can definitely download designs to the machine. You can actually create and edit your own designs on the machine. The Brother Dream machine caries the Disney Designs with the purchase. It has a wide area opening for larger embroidery designs, as and example the back of a jacket.

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