15,000 Embroidery Designs

If you are like me and love embroidery, you probably are always looking for new Designs.  It sometimes is so time consuming to find just the right design.  We often have wondered if we should buy one design at a time or a Collection.  We have  been  very skeptical about spending money on.embroidery collections.   Call me a doubting Thomas.  Well I have finally relinquished all of my fears. Just the other day I stumbled upon a heck of a deal.  15,000 beautiful professional designs that come with a money back guarantee!  Who would have thought this could happen? Designs available in all machine formats.  I believe it is an incredible find. We are always searching for the best and newest designs to make our embroidery enthusiasts lives easier and their customers happy.  Click on product box to learn more.

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Take a look at these satisfied customers:
“What can I say! I was impressed by the large numbers of beautiful, well-made designs. I’ve just stitched a dozen designs and they look great on the fabric ! Better than the designs I saw in the pictures! I will certainly recommend this collection to some of my friends who share the same passion for machine stitching!”     Melinda G from Portland, Oregon

“Thank you so much for making this! Until now I used to purchase lots of designs from specific web-sites, paying for each design, so I spent a lot of money for about a dozen models. I purchased your collection a couple of weeks ago and stitched some designs but there are still lots of designs to discover. I hope I will live enough to test all the 15,000 designs you’ve provided for me! Once again thank you, and keep up the great work!”   Timothea S from Austin, Texas. 
Click on Linda to find this fantastic product.
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