Teachers Make For a Happy Married Life

It comes with daily anxieties of 1 vs. 30 kids or young adults, you have to be responsible for each of them. It comes with wanting to give everyone your individual attention and there is only one of you and so many of them. Professors are selfless. We all believe they are our kids and indeed they are several hours a day. As a teacher, our number one priority is demanding that they attain their purpose. Teachers are also role models, mentors and someone they confide in. You come to the realization that we really do much more than teaching.  You are changing “people’s lives” through kindness and encouragement and doing things they don’t even say thank you for or realize, therefore you do it regardless. It comes with devoting more time in the classroom than you do at home. It comes with weekends prepping for the week ahead with lesson means and mother rallies and if you choose to be even more a part of the school parish perhaps you instruct on the side.

So now along with teaching and mentoring you are coaching and guiding. They really depend on us.

Yes, there are perks to teaching like times off. But teaching is a vocation that is a lifestyle and it certainly never stops.  You never stop thinking about your classroom and the kids you have a responsibility to instruct.

So when it comes to relationships when you wed a teacher what you are really wedding into a lifestyle you will be invited to join. It’s your local school’s parish that you’re choosing to be your family. It comes with listening as your spouse might be stressed about a student or a task or a bad rally. It comes with disturbances they might have is held during the day but when they come home they need you to be there. It comes with knowing they might be home sometime or not around on the weekends if there is a game or a convention.But there are so many perks that come with wedding a teacher.You are wedding a person who has selfless and compassionate. Someone who always thinks about others before themselves. You are wedding someone who will never stop believing and motivating “you’ve got to” do more. You are wedding someone who will be your number one cheerleader forever. You are wedding someone who learns lessons from others as much as they are able to learn lessons from you. You are wedding someone who is programmed to never give up on anyone. Someone who will give you reasons until you attest they are right. You are wedding someone who believes in you more than anyone.


Being a teacher isn’t just about teaching a theme and hoping the kids do well on a test, it is about teaching these kids and young adults about who they can be, what they can amount to and shape benefit of future generations simply by believing in them perhaps when others haven’t.

It’s about sharing whatever the subject is you are intense about with others.

When it applies to lineage, schoolteachers will extend in the same illustration at home as in the classroom. Always presenting the most appropriate. Always trying to conclude the right decision. Always trying to find a solution to any problem and putting lineage first. When you wed a teacher, you are wedding the person who will help you to raise your family and conjure your kids to be best that they can be.

You are wedding someone who will help your kids through whatever troubles they are going through because they see it.

And in return for choosing to be a part of this lifestyle and support this amendment, they will always be loyal to you. They will love you unconditionally. They will teach you about the artwork of multitasking. You are opting someone with fortitude and compassion and who listens to everything you will say even if it is in a whisper.

style="color: #000000; font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;">You are opting someone who can manage stressful status with a lot of grace. Every teacher knows it’s okay to have fun because as much merriment as their efforts to conclude ascertaining, they also know how to have a good time outside of the classroom.

You wed a teacher and you are wedding the best available type of person there is and in return, you too will become your best self-standing beside someone who never stops believing in you and will never give up on you.

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