Summer- of- Love -1967


The Summer-of-love

Nostalgia passes high-pitched as the city approached 50 th anniversary, but inhabitants read free love “have been given” and listening to a channel to wealth and individualism.

Things have changed or have they?  People are still on the streets and spending their nights under a bush outside Golden Gate Park and of course spending their days in the area of Haight and Ashbury streets, soaking up the passion.  I call it living on the hard working American tax payers.  They lovingly call this part of San Francisco their residence.


Many come to Haight and Ashbury to experience the passion that appears to burst through in the remembrance of those days now gone. On the streets waving to each other laughing and boasting about how they discovered the summer of passion. They somehow believe that it was the best thing that ever happened to them. It is ok to remember after all it did happen and in their hearts, our Society wasn’t working for them.  They tried to slap us to our senses with their drugs and nudity.  What they got was jail time. 

 It happened in 1967 but some are crisscrossing the United States to return to Orange and that beloved Summer. However, they are traveling in their Lexus and sleeping in comfort at the Hyatt. 50 years later they come from the North, South, East and West of our beautiful Country so they can feel or possibly relive the electricity of the amazing Summer. I doubt that the true experience can happen again in San Francisco, or can it happen?  I will leave this up to you.


In 1967 they truly wanted to change our culture.  Even though they were breaking the laws of the land they continued.  If you haven’t noticed it is happening now because of the largest landslide victory ever seen and a President they didn’t want.  So what do they do, they go to the streets burning and hurting people.  On the streets of SanFrancisco,  in 2017 there is hopefully a peaceful attempt to raise up once again the glitter and characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community as manifested in their own beliefs and aspirations.   Otherwise known as an ethos of that summer, when 100,000 hippies diverted the community into a counter-culture citadel. Plans are being raised up bringing back the color, the imagination, and the consciousness of that time in our history.  They say that what occurred some 50 years ago changed who we are as a society.  All I have to say is it did not change anything in our Society, it impacted San Francisco in a mighty way.  I speak only for myself when I say “Don’t take your clothes off in Texas, you will be thrown into jail”.  Oops,  maybe not in Austin Texas.  To make a statement like “it changed our society is certainly not the truth”.  You have a big Country out here that you will never be able to change the values, beliefs, opinions” and you certainly will not convince us to take off our clothes and have sex like rabbits. while the media films.  When we see a movement like we did in that Summer and I did live and see all of it, we pray that we will never see it again. 

Craftsman and business owners Stroll around Haight-Ashbury this week,  Young people with backpacks lounged on benches, some selling handmade jewelry, yield garb and Tibetan-themed knick-knacks strung the streets. Well, at least they are trying to make some money and maybe believe in working.  Many fragrances hover in the air, while across the city advertisements with psychedelic whirls extol a summer of passion. The everlasting inlet orbit cloud promoted, bathing it all in Sunshine, In other words, they were high and sunbathing in the nude.  WOW! 

 It resembled a minor supernatural or hour capsule. The flavor of the Beat poets and flower children who gathered here to create a brand-new paradigm of sharing and community, living in 2017. Memories fond memories.  Yep my memories are not quite so high….It was a semblance.

 If you’re going to San Francisco, by all means, wear some buds in your mane but be sure to impart to your credit card thereby following the summer of passion record.  The nonconformist idyll of Allen Ginsberg, Ken Kesey, and the Merry Pranksters no longer exists.  That is not entirely true, when I was in SanFrancisco there was a guy who would hide behind a trash can, jump out and scare people to death.  Very cute. Then he wanted to be paid for his little trick.  I personally Idid not appreciate this action and told him in no uncertain terms, “you are not getting a dime.”  Honestly, this was supposed to be funny.  The seals were funny, I didn’t pay them either.


The Bay Area today is the world installation of large-hearted tech. Now, this community is a euphemism for customers, dislocation intends starting your own business while free love still exists, It is the San Francisco sound, which once referred to acid rock groups, is now listening to the key-ching sound.

 This is one of “the world’s” most expensive, unbalanced metropolitans where billionaires step over sleeping determines on the sidewalks. An evicted 100 -year-old woman lately became a symbol of gentrification, a glamorous word used trying to make it about race.  It was really progress and change.  Others in the apartments were signing in on it.    I do not, however, believe that a  100-year-old lady should be evicted from her home.  a suggestion.  You voted in the City Council vote them out.  Masters, writers, and musicians are leaving for cheaper metropolitans. Even techies with six-figure incomes complain about tariffs. Fellowships like Uber and Airbnb have appropriated the word sharing for the gig economy, itself a euphemism for everlasting operate. So do you think that this is the Society started by the Hippies of 1967?  What I hear you saying is yes, this is the Society.

  In place of hippies subsisting on acid and food handouts there exists hipsters with bowls of organic acacia and yoga studio dues.

 Many say it is not the same principality it has lost its soul, from an individual who attended the summer of passion and later helped flow the Haight-Ashbury Switchboard, a volunteer radical that succeeded the Diggers, a guerrilla theater radical which organised free concerts, free nutrient, free medical aid, free dwelling even free stores, which committed away everything . F

REE still seems to be the song of SanFranciso, while the working people pay for all of it.

It is, of course not astonishing that the city has changed in half a century. But the summer of passion direct a mystique that enchanted San Francisco, baby boomers and succeeding generations around the world a twirl of skill, politics, music and insurrection that others have never managed to fully mimic. It is not amazing that  San Francisco clasps to 1967.

Then we all had to grow up and go to work…or did we?


  • I was married fresh out o f high school in 1965.  That’s what they taught us,  find a good man and get married so I did.   I had a beautiful daughter in 1967so something good did come out of the Summer of Love.  

  • As I was watching this whole scenario unfold, I knew exactly what I had to teach my child.

  • Don’t rush into marriage, take your time.
  • Common Sense

  • Responsibility

  • Work hard

  • She was indeed loved

  • Excel in all that you do

  • Pray

  • Don’t approach anything without a plan

  • Don’t depend on the Government

  • Go to school and work hard

  • Go to college and work hard

  • Have children and teach them the same thing

  • Life is not always easy

  • God is always there

 I have thought much about that Summer of Love, and I truly believe that the young people of that time somehow believed that this was the way to experience true love. It was a total and deliberate rebellion of Society Standards. Think about it, we are right there in the same position once again. Rebellion is rampant from people who are spoiled crying babies. They whine and babel about everything. Free College, Free Food, they think the world owes them something. Grow Up! Pay your own way. You get no sympathy from me.  

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