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Q’nique 14 +

 Featuring the Q’nique 14+, long arm quilting machines sale      The Grace Company excels in the quality of everything they manufacture including their notions to their long arm sewing machines. I can assure you it is top quality at a fair price. They stand behind their work on everything they sell.  We have been in business with them for […]... Read More

Fashion and You

Fashion Fabrics Club These incredible suits should be in a Fashion Fabrics Club.  Given the  fact that Guus, Jelle, and Jasper have chosen such an unusual niche product you would have thought that success would not be theirs. Yet in 4 years they  have customers in 50 countries and have also created 60 designs.  The suits that […]... Read More
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1900 Fashion and Fabric

  Introducing Fabric and Fashion of the Early 1900s In  the early 1900s fashionable women needed dresses for many different social gatherings  such as,  morning dresses, afternoon dresses, evening gowns and simpler dresses that were not occasion-specific.  They also wore suits with shirt waist blouses and coordinating jackets.  Favorite sport activities were swimming, tennis, ice […]... Read More