Don’t Get Caught In a Snare

I had laid out some landscape netting in my yard, upon which I was going to spread decorative stones. As I was preparing to finish the job, I discovered a large lizard tangled up in the netting. I put on my armored gloves to help this obviously ungrateful lizard.  He squirmed and kicked his posterior feet […]... Read More

Brazil Money

Romero Rodrigues is a managing partner at Redpoint eVentures, the Brazilian-focused arm of the Silicon Valley venture firm Redpoint. More posts by this contributor: Brazils tech-sector bright spots beckon asit begins to emerge from long economic crisis Latin Americas chronic inefficiency could drive more O2O commerce growth Fintech is booming around the world. Global investments in fintech companies have continued to rise during […]... Read More
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Summer- of- Love -1967

  The Summer-of-love Nostalgia passes high-pitched as the city approached 50 th anniversary, but inhabitants read free love “have been given” and listening to a channel to wealth and individualism. Things have changed or have they?  People are still on the streets and spending their nights under a bush outside Golden Gate Park and of course spending […]... Read More
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1300’s History From The Fabrics Club

The definition of Textile is industries primarily concerned with the specific characteristics or manufacturing and distribution of textiles. Cottage stage Before the manufacturing processes were mechanized, textiles were products in the residence, and excess sold for extra money. Most cloth was made from either wool, cotton, or flax, depending on the period and place. For […]... Read More
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Outdoor Furniture 2

 Summer Fun You know how much you love to entertain, Summer is almost here.  How about some cool drinks outside on the patio or porch. Time to meet the new neighbors and catch up with the rest of the neighborhood.  Birthday parties on the horizon or graduation?  Think about it.Take the party outside, save the […]... Read More
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Fashion Fabrics Club

Check Out this beautiful fabric at  our Favorite Fat Quarter Shop. You will have a beautiful Creation when you finish.  Good enough for the Fashion Fabrics Club Yet another fabulous design from Cotton and Steel 100% Cotton Fat Quarter Stack 18 Peace $74.00 Penney Arcade a product of Cotton + Steel, by Kim Knight […]... Read More